Tubelight Opening Day Box Office Collection 1st Day Income Report

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Tubelight Opening Day Box Office Collection 1st Day Income ReportThe upcoming movie of super star Salman Khan is Tubelight. Or should we phrase is it this way that the next big movie is Tubelight. This film is scheduled to hit the big screens near you on the upcoming festival of Eid. The festival of Eid is a very prestigious one. As we all know that Eid comes after the Holy month of Ramadan and our Muslim brothers celebrate the blessings of the month of Ramadan on Eid. But from past many years the festival of Eid has become of much importance to the people of other religions as well. The reason for that is ofcourse the film of Salman Khan. Salman Khan also known as the Bhai jaan of bollywood comes every Eid with a different film. He is also coming this Eid to collect his Eidi through his film Tubelight. So this movie will release on 25 June 2017Tubelight Total Collection

Tubelight 1st Day Collection

This is as we all know is the most awaited and anticipated movie of the current year. This movie will star Salman Khan in the lead role. In this film we will see Salman Khan in the role of Laxman. Om Puri the late actor also recorded some of the scenes for this movie. Now whether his scenes will be a part of this movie or not only time will tell. To add more to your excitement this movie will star Chinese actress Zhu Zhu in the female lead. Yes Zhu Zhu will romance Salman Khan in this movie. So this movie has become an international project. Kabir Khan has directed this film and he is also also amongst the producers list along with Salman Khan who is also the male lead in the movie. So the star cast of the movie looks out to be great. Tubelight Hit or Flop

Tubelight 1st/2nd/3rd Day Collection

Tubelight Opening Day Box Office Collection 1st Day Income ReportAnd you know what is the most interesting part about this film. The most interesting and good part about this movie which differs it from other Salman Khan films is. Is that in this movie we will going to see Shah Rukh Khan performing along with Salman Khan. Yes SRK will share the stage with Salman Khan in tubelight. The role of SRK is not very big one he will play a bit of a cameo in this movie. But yes this is confirmed that SRK will be seen sharing the stage along with Bhai Jaan. He will anchor the role of Gogo Pasha in the film. So the star cast of the movie looks out ot be a fantastic one. It consist of very talented and progressive group of people. And they are expected to do wonders at the box office. Tubelight Box Office Prediction

Movie Name:                                       Tubelight (June 23, 2017)
Genre:                                                     Drama
Released Date:                                     June 23, 2017 (Limited)
Directed By:                                         Kabir Khan
Produced By:                                        Kabir Khan, Salman Khan
Music:                                                    Pritam
Casts:                                                  Salman Khan, Zhu Zhu, Sohail Khan

Tubelight Worldwide 1st Day Collection

Tubelight Opening Day Box Office Collection 1st Day Income ReportNow let us just talk about the budget of this movie. Well it is a very big movie and it is being shooted in different places. The budget of the movie is expected to be somewhere between 120 to 150 crore. The official figure is not available right now but we will update you with as soon as we get that. This movie is being produced under the banner of Salman Khan films. So the lead actor is also the producer of the movie. It is expected to do great business at the box office. So guys this is the perfect website for you. In this website you get to know about your favorite super stars and about their every day routine. So do not forget to go through this website daily for more updates like this. Tubelight 1st Day Collection

Plot of the film

This movie will be based on the backdrop of Indo China war which happened way back in 1960’s. This movie is a love story of the two people living on the borders. So this is not a conventional movie but this time bollywood is coming with a true story. Yes it is inspired from a true story. So guys your favourite super Salman Khan is coming to get Eidi this Eid as well. The movie is scheduled to release on 25 June 2017 on the occasion of Eid. Trade experts are predicting this movie to be the next big thing in bollywood. They are expecting this film to come near the collections of Bahubali 2 which seems bit difficult. But if there is any movie in the line which can break or come near Bahubali 2 than it is going to be Tubelight so wait and watch.

Tubelight Opening Day Box Office Collection 1st Day Income ReportSalman Khan is a super star of the bollywood film industry. We have seen him over the years with more and more success. And from his age the stardom is not fading out but infact it is growing more and more and more. His followers and his fans are increasing with every passing day. And he is becoming more and more popular with every passing day. So the movie is going to be a big one, This movie is expected to break all the records at the box office. Salman Khan has that ability of breaking the previous records and register some new one. Same he is doing this time as well. He is on a record breaking streak. He is demolishing every record which is coming its way. Like he did few months back by selling the t.v rights of his upcoming 10 films in 1000 crore. Tubelight Total Budget

Total Collection Of Tubelight 

The owners does not know whether he will live or not or how many good films he will be able to producer. But still they are happy to pay him 1000 crore that is the power of the super star Salman Khan. So Salman Khan is still going strong and is still collecting huge amounts at the box office. Tubelight is expected to break the 500 crore barrier at the box office. Trade pundits are rating this movie very very highly and they are placing their bets on it. So for more updates on this and other films to come stay in touch with our site.